Your questions answered

Your questions answered

Will Moneystone Park be open to the public?

Yes, we want the local community to be able to access outdoor activities and to have the opportunity to make use of some of the indoor facilities.

Will local people benefit from preferential rates?

Although it’s too early to talk about activity costs at this stage, we are likely to have a varied fee structure for activities which could include a form of season ticket arrangement.

How much of the development will be privately-owned and how much for holiday rentals?

We can’t say for sure at the moment, but some of the 250 lodges will be privately-owned, with the rest for holiday rentals.

How will visitors access Moneystone Park?

Given its rural location and limited local bus services, the majority of visitors will arrive by private vehicle. However, a Travel Plan will be developed working with the County Council Highways Department, for both visitors and staff, which will seek to minimise single occupancy car journeys where possible. For guests this could include providing a regular bus link to Alton Towers, while for staff we will encourage car-sharing and the use of alternative transport options.

What will be the preferred vehicle route?

The main proposed route to the site will be via the A52 and Whiston Eaves Lane. All marketing materials will inform visitors that this is the preferred route. This will include a request to ignore Sat Navs but instead to follow road signs. Through signage we will discourage visitors from using other routes, such as Carr Bank.

How will you manage noise and light impacts?

Our proposals are for a low-impact development. Outdoor activities will be daytime and sports which are recreational in nature, and generate little noise. Light emissions from the site will be controlled to ensure that impact is minimal.