Key benefits

Key benefits

We believe that the following key benefits will be secured from our proposals:

1. Sustaining the local economy

Moneystone Park is conveniently located near to other local attractions. Moneystone Park will provide a boost to the local economy. With visitors spending more money in the area, this could have significant spin-off economic benefits for retailers and other service providers.

2. Tourism

Staffordshire attracts over 20 million visitors annually, of which just 7% stay overnight. By promoting a range of overnight and short stay holiday options for visitors, Moneystone Park will provide another opportunity to retain tourist spend in the area.

3. New jobs

Around 250 new full time equivalent jobs could be created at the site, plus new jobs during construction and indirectly within the local area. This would help to replace those jobs lost when the quarry closed. As an example of rural regeneration, the development will also help to diversify the range of jobs on offer in the local community.

4. New high-quality facilities open to the community

The proposed development will provide new facilities which the local community will be able to use, reducing the need to travel further afield. Facilities include:

  • A farm shop
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Pool, spa and gym
  • An accessible and varied outdoor leisure offer

5. Connections

Moneystone Park will provide new footpaths, cycle routes and bridleways for community use. This includes new facilities for horse riders. Moneystone Park will also link to existing local routes.

6. A sustainable proposal

Moneystone Park will aim to protect and enhance the local wildlife and ecology on the site. In addition:

  • Careful placement of lodges and landscape planting will ensure that views into the site will be almost completely unaffected.
  • Lodges will be prefabricated off-site to minimise waste generation, construction activity and noise on-site.
  • The potential for using electricity from the adjacent solar farm, if planning permission is granted, will ensure a long term supply of renewable energy.
  • The local environment will be carefully managed for the benefit of flora and fauna in the long term.